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thoughts on me made may 2018.

It was me made aMAYzing, and so damn inspiring! Made me want to make all the things. All of them!!! I was equally inspired by all of the generous and warm feedback on my own makes.   ... 

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my 2018 make nine plans.

Last January, as everyone else was posting their #makenine plans I was: (1) Super inspired by what I saw. (2) Lost somewhere between surprised and impressed. (Just 9? How do you choooose???) (3) Dubious about that ever being a good idea for me. (Never really had a sewing plan, before… Don’t think I could start now.) ...

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ginger jeans.

Originally posted to sewstylist.wordpress.com on 13 November 2014

Sewing a pair of jeans has been on my Want to Sew list from just about the beginning. I wear jeans no less than 4 days out of every week, and this is one garment where you’re guaranteed to save money constructing them yourself.  ... 

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