Hello + welcome!


Heira is dedicated to sharing inspiration and exploring personal style, with a focus on home sewn, handcrafted, modern clothing.

It's made by me, Ebony Haight, a creative living in San Francisco, California.


A brief tale of sew

Back in 2010 I left San Francisco to attend grad school in Eugene, OR. For three years I spent my days reading, writing, and teaching fiction as I worked toward an MFA. It was dreamy! But I didn’t make a ton of money. (And then I spent it all on books.) 

I started to experiment with making my own clothes as a way to scratch the itch for affordable clothes that I'd be excited to wear. Plus, sewing was the perfect counterpoint to writing fiction: It comes with instructions. Follow them, and you'll end up with something both finished and useful. I loved the tangible nature of it, the colors and textures... And I still do. 

I first learned to sew when I was eight or nine, on a grumpy old Singer Featherweight that I still own. And over the years, I'd dabbled in sewing here and there. But during those years in Eugene sewing became a major part of my identity.


About Heira

I decided to launch Heira because, from the beginning, I've been so inspired by the work of others. The online sewing community is a treasure trove of kindness and smarts and creativity. Heira is my offering and an open invite into what I'm up to—for style, for fun, for inspiration.

The name—Heira—is a mashup of heir and era, two words with both resonance and meaning. To be an heir means you’ve inherited something of value and power. To belong to an era means you’re existing in a way that could only happen here and now—right where you are, with the people who surround and support you. 

So, Heira is about celebrating life, love, and looking good!  But mainly it's a venue for sharing stories and the pursuit of a well-crafted personal style.